saaaaaaturday niiiiiight

i just woke up from a nap and i am HUNGOVER STILL and i am NOT IN THE MOOD FOR BULLSHIT

if for some reason you just cant wrap your head around yo/yos pronouns, use they/them/their when referring to greg

its not that hard to not look like a fool

Oh... The yo pronouns weren't a joke? That's good he's getting out and acting his usual sunny self. Good job on the brightening experiences, friends. <3

if you intentionally use the wrong pronouns for anyone, you are not my friend.

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tiger in water by Ivan Lee


Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014, Hair Details.


Flightwave by Circa1983 |

Aisle seat? No thanks, I’ll take the window. This is how I roll when it comes to flying. Why pass up the opportunity to look down on earth from 35,000 feet? It’s an aerial photography mecca if you’re prepared.

A few tips if you’re planning to shoot from a plane:

1. I’ve found that lenses above 50mm tend to give the best results. This is because they focus past the airline window’s glass better than wider lenses and can isolate your shots better. I’ve even used my 70-200mm with great results for this reason.

2. Shoot at large apertures and fast shutter speeds. This is to keep the shots crisp despite the vibration and movement of the airplane. 

3. If you have the choice, book your flights so that you’re taking off or landing during a sunrise or sunset for optimal lighting and colour. Also, picking a seat near the front of the plane increases the likelihood that your view down to Earth isn’t obscured by the plane’s wing.

mmmm fridays are the best

ah hhh its really nice to be in a brainplace where eating food makes me happy instead of panicky

i went grocery shopping with greg today and got food that i like and it was nice!!

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I'm worried about Greg, friend. :/

hey friend! i often worry about greg too. i am with yo right now and yo seems to be doing pretty well today!

why am i soooooo tired

im so tired i want to sleep foreverrrrrr

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